All the art on this site is original, one of a kind, and free.

The pastels are created on archival paper that's fairly substantial. The works have been lightly sprayed with fixative but should be handled with care and framed with a spacer between the work and the glass. I do not recommend matting these pieces as I work out to the edge of the paper. However, they can be easily "floated" on foam core to create a colored border around the work if that's desired.

P after a number indicates pastel; A indicates acrylic

All paintings are available unframed. Some of the paintings have been framed, and I'm happy to sell you the frame at cost. Please contact me at or 503-235-2019 for more information. I'd love for you to have one of these.

Geometry in the Landscape

Bridge over the Valley 20 x 18A               Star Burst over the Land 8 x 10A    Farm Fence 8 x 10A

Pier Posts 8 x 10A                                     Red Barn 12 x 12A (framed)                      

Trees and Visions

Mystery Forest  12 x 12A                          Lone Red Tree                                   Snow in the Firs 14 x 11A 

Mary in the Sky  11 x 14A                         Glacial Forest  20 x 26P                    Fauve Forest              

New Pastels

Aldermarsh Lilies  26 x 20P                  Feather Blooms  26 x 20P      Giant Tulips  20 x 26P 

Bouquet with Leaf Vase 26 x 2OP        Geraniums in Italian Pots  20 x 26P

Bouquet of Square Blooms  26 x 20P   Leaning into the Forest  26 x 20P

Snow Slopes with Trees 26 x 2OP

 New Abstracts

Whirling Waters     12 x 12A                 Red Risque  12 x 12A             

Kimono Study in Blue and Orange  12 x 12A        Sky, Lake, and Trees  12 x 12 A        


White Spray   20 x 15A                       Peonies with Red  20 x 20P               Gerberas  12 x 16A     

Bouquet in Metallic Vase 26 x 20P     Florist’s Shop     24 x 20P         

Lilies with Map of Africa 18 x 22P (framed)  


Man with a Pipe             24 x 36P                 Renaissance Boy  9.5 x 12P             

Melancholy Man             24 x 36P                    Inca Man  12 x 12A